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Building relationships

About Net Tech

In 1995, Net Tech Inc. was founded on relationships. We believe that in order to provide high quality long-term solutions it requires more than strong relationships with our customers but also our employees, vendors, service providers and even our competitors.  Find out more


Our Team Expertise


We keep you up to date with the most current technologies and practices. Our project staff can implement large, complex solutions to ensure your business runs smoothly. 


We offer a broad range of software solutions ranging from designing databases and data migration strategies to creating middleware components to designing and creating custom reporting solutions.


Our custom telephony system services connect you and your team to its customers with unique features catered to your needs. 


With our extensive experience with the property management software Yardi, we help teams manage real estate properties ranging from residential to commercial. 


Experience Music Project

The EMP (Experience Music Project) opened in the summer of 2000. In order to herald the opening, a press center needed to be established where members of the press from throughout the world would be able to have access to phones and computers with Internet connectivity. One of our client’s facilities was chosen as the site for this event. The notice on this was short and even though our client had highly qualified staff of their own, they were fully engaged in mission critical projects. We had a two-week notice to have this set up and running. During that time, we arranged for and installed all of the computer systems, wiring and connectivity. Working with one of our partners, we had fiber optics and coax cabling pulled to locations in the Seattle Center area. We staffed the site throughout the event. By partnering with many of the companies that we maintain relationships with and with our client’s own IT staff, we were rapidly able to solve this client’s need and assist them in providing a very successful press center.