NTI sees the telephone solutions of any business as one of the integrated servers that businesses uses.  These aren't just phones, but business tools with the power to support and transform your business.  An effective business phone system can included many features, such as call centers, nested auto attendants, phone conference rooms, integration with smart phones, voicemail to email, skill based routing, and personal status configurations.  NTI can work with you to find the right system that fits your needs.

PBX Selection

NTI is experienced and consulting with our clients on the business needs for their telephony solutions and going through the process of evaluating, procuring and deploying a wide variety of business solutions.  We've deployed AT&T, Nortel, Siemens, Fortinet, Vertical, and other hosted VoIP solutions. 


Vertical Wave IP

In 1999, NTI sought out the most integrated solution in the telephony marketplace.  We found that Artisoft's TeleVantage was the best system on the market for customized business solutions.  This system has since become Vertical's Wave IP solution and we have deployed solutions from 10 to 300 stations, with all kinds of features such as Call Center, Conference, Smart Phone Integration, customized routing, IVR's and the like.  

Telephony VoIP Infrastructure

NTI is experienced at designing and deploying the underlying infrastructure to support VoIP solutions, whether they are cloud based or self hosted.  We can help design your network, install and support your telephony backend switches and power over ethernet solutions.